Drug Rehab For Women

Drug Rehab for Women: Overcome Addiction in Women Only Setting

A drug rehab for women offers treatment that accounts for the different effects of drugs between men and women. A women only drug rehab center treats women for different drug addictions or dependences on legal and illegal drugs. Some of the addictions that can be treated in such a rehab center include nicotine and alcohol addiction, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines among others. A rehab center that specializes in treating women addiction can also treat addiction for prescription drugs like painkillers. At our women only rehab center, we offer treatment plans that are tailored around the specific and unique needs of women.

What women treatment for drug addiction entails

The purpose of a rehab center for women is to ensure that women feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment and recovery process. Many women abuse drugs due to traumatic events like sexual or physical abuse. There are relatively lower chances of having a woman enter a drug rehab or recovery program than that of men completing their recovery or rehabilitation program. This difference is usually due to the fact that women have to take care of their children. Understanding and supportive staff is therefore important in ensuring that women recover from their addiction fully.

Inpatient versus outpatient facility

Inpatient facility enables patients to reside in the rehab center while undergoing treatment for drug addiction. This implies that patients receive personalized care 24 hours. This treatment plan is ideal for patients who need close monitoring or those with severe addiction. Living in the drug rehab implies that women who want to end their addiction will not access the drug that they are addicted to. This enables them to reduce the chances of relapsing. On the other hand, outpatient rehabilitation entails receiving treatment from home. This means that women visits the rehab center for treatment and therapy sessions after which they go to their homes. Outpatient treatment programs are ideal for women who want to continue with their regular and normal activities while undergoing treatment for drug addiction recovery. Nevertheless, our drug rehab center has staffs who understand the unique women needs and how women respond to different treatments.

Duration of treatment

An inpatient treatment program can be long or short. The duration for which the treatment lasts will depend on whether your addiction is severe, moderate or mild. Some of the common periods for rehabilitation include 28 to 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. Our staff will discuss your addiction condition with you to determine the best treatment program for you.

During treatment

The process that will lead to your recovery starts with intake. This is when you join our rehab center and start living in the facility. After intake, you go into the detoxification step to remove drugs from your body. This is followed by addiction therapy. This will enable you to overcome drug addiction and behavioral addiction. We also encourage you to speak about your problems so that we can find ways of overcoming them. Once you leave our drug rehab for women, we will offer you aftercare to ensure that you do not relapse after leaving our facility.

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